Fertility for the People!


Michelle Borok, Licensed Midwife, is offering a down-to-earth holistic fertility class for people of all genders preparing to conceive.

She will cover nutrition, timing, where to get sperm, emotions, herbs, lifestyle supports, and more.

Michelle is a licensed Home Birth and Home Insemination Midwife, and has been guiding families on their conception and birth journeys for over a decade.  She is an Organic Intelligence coach, and a long-time mindfulness practitioner.  She has studied Buddhist meditation for 15 years, sitting retreats with some of the most amazing teachers of our time.  As a midwife, coach, and teacher, she offers a unique blend of clinical, herbal, nutritional and emotional support, tailored to each individual client/couple.

She is now offering an accessible online class intended to support as many folks as possible to feel confident and educated on their conception journey~

Please use the PayPal button below, and send Michelle an email directly to sign up for her upcoming online class: Fertility for the People!

takeroot.nourish [at] gmail.com

This class is offered on a sliding scale, for more about what this means, check out the excellent Worts and Cunning Apothecary article by Alexis Cunningfolk!

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