Childbirth Ed

~A 9-week Childbirth Education Series~


This is a fun, energizing, sophisticated class for parents who are looking for: support in deeply connecting with their baby and other loved ones, confidence in birthing from a connected and empowered place no matter what the location or circumstances, community with like-minded parents, cutting edge information about the physiology of bonding, and full involvement of the partner for coupled parents.

Woven throughout the class is the latest information about Pre and Perinatal Psychology: a growing field of research which reflects the most ancient wisdom about our babies.  While babies are born immature physically, they arrive with a fully developed consciousness.  Our little ones are having a real and remembered experience, and are communicating with us long before they can speak in words.  We offer insights into the baby’s perspective, as well as practical tips as to how parents can bring their children into this world with patience, understanding and connectedness.