Birth Worker Trainings

The Conscious Newborn: Practical Applications of Pre and Perinatal Psychology for Birth and Bonding

An 8-week Professional Education Series for Birthworkers with Sarah Theismann, MA, SEP & Michelle Borok, LM, CPM
When we develop a sophisticated and deeply personal understanding of the way our early experiences have shaped us, and we witness our own resilience in a supportive environment, we expand our capacity to serve families during the pre and perinatal period.  The process of studying pre and perinatal psychology as professionals is always an equally personal journey in understanding our origins, ultimately arriving at a more settled place within ourselves.  It is from this resilient and settled place that we offer some of our greatest gifts as birthworkers.
This is a highly interactive class series facilitated by inspired and experienced practitioners.  We offer years of professional and personal experience in this profound work, as well as in the realm of teaching.  Activities, videos, and array of therapeutic approaches are intended to reach each student, assuming a broad spectrum of learning styles.
Topics we will explore with you: The Conscious Prenate: Expanding the birthworker’s scope to include the baby’s psychological/emotional experience and needs A Somatic View of Labor and Birth Neurophysiology, the autonomic nervous system, the scientific underpinnings of nervous system regulation and deregulation as they pertain to labor and birth  Integrating our own birth imprints  Simple practices for increasing oxytocin, settling practices, resilience, practical tools for birth  Interventions: Client and Baby’s intertwined experience and the Principle of Choice  Birther and baby are each having their own experience, as well as a shared experience, and it is important to consider all three.  Facilitating choice points, and supported empowerment The Sexual Nature of Pregnancy, Labor and Birth  Sexual energy as a support during labor.  Sexual trauma and understanding how it may show up as well as how to support the client if it does show up Understanding and Supporting Birth as an Attachment and Differentiation Process  Secure attachment and attachment theory, neurophysiology of attachment, the Golden Hour, the Wild Postpartum  And much more!