Organic Intelligence Sessions

Somatic therapeutic healing work

Organic Intelligence is a nervous system healing modality that emphasizes growth through curiosity, interest and orientation to our environment through our senses. Integrating trauma and finding more balance and empowerment in our lives can actually be a gentle and enjoyable experience.
I offer Organic Intelligence sessions online to people worldwide, and in person (outdoors) in Oakland, California. Sessions are 50-60 minutes in length, and are meant to feel supportive, kind, and connected. We assess growth and benefit of our work together based on how your life is going. Are things generally feeling better, brighter, and more easeful? Are you spontaneously making more balanced and empowered choices, and seeing those effect positive change in your life? If we start to see this over the course of our work together, we know it’s a good fit and we are on the right track.
In addition to being trained in OI hands-on touch work, I have additional training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (adult and newborn), Massage Therapy, and Reiki. I also offer flower essence remedies, as appropriate.
It is my intention to create a space together with clients that is infused with respect, humor, attunement, care, kindness, empowerment, awe and fun. Feel free to reach out if this calls you.
Email for a complimentary 10-20 minute intro on what an Organic Intelligence session is like: takeroot.nourish at