Welcome to Take Root: Home Insemination and Fertility Services!  I am excited to serve you during your journey towards conception.  At Take Root, a midwifery style of care is applied to your conception process.  For some of us, the ability to conceive in the privacy and comfort of our home, the power to choose who attends our insemination, and the right to receive gentle and respectful care are incredible supports to our becoming pregnant.  Home insemination can also be a wonderful backup for those times that the doctor’s office is closed or over-booked.  I would be honored to assist you and your growing family to become more informed about your options, to get in sync with your natural cycles, to closely listen to your body’s messages, and to create your beautiful baby.


“Michelle became my pre-conception midwife when I was trying to conceive my daughter, who is now one-year-old. I was using a fertility specialist in town when I decided to transfer into Michelle’s care. I was so deeply pleased by the contrast. Michelle saw me as an individual: in her care, I felt heard, validated, educated, and supported in my process. Michelle understood the intense emotions that arise in women who are trying to conceive, and provided a safe space for me to discuss my feelings. Michelle is very good at explaining the fertility process, and I would leave our appointments feeling uplifted, well informed and empowered. During my home inseminations, I appreciated how Michelle held space for the moment to remain sacred. I am completely happy with the care I received, and I feel that my fertility and conception process is a beautiful beginning to the story of my daughter’s life.”    –Andrea R


“Michelle fue mi partera ántes del nacimiento de mi hija que ahora tiene 1 año, cuando yo estaba en el proceso  de la concepción. Yo estaba consultando un especialista de fertilidad en mi cuidad cuando decidí transferir mi cuidado con Michelle. Estaba muy contenta al conocer la diferéncia en mi cuidado. Michelle me trató como un indivíduo: en su cuidado sentí que me escuchaba atentamente, validaba mis sentimientos, y me sentí educada y apoyada en mi proceso. Michelle entendió las emociones intensas que llegan cuando mujeres estan intentado de concebir. Ella creó un espacio seguro para poder platicar de mis emociónes liberalmente. Michelle es muy buena al explicar el proceso de fertilidad y yo me retiraba de nuestras citas setiéndome felíz, informada, y poderosa. Durante las sesiónes de inseminacion en casa, admiré como Michelle aseguró un espacio sagrado. Estoy completamente felíz con el cuidado que recibí y siento que el proceso de concepción y fertilidad que escoji fue un lindo princípio de la vida de mi hija.”    –Andrea R