Home Birth

Benefits of Home Birth and Midwifery Care:

  • Home birth is a safe choice for low-risk, healthy pregnancies
  • Clinical research continues to demonstrate that home birth is at least as safe as hospital birth during normal pregnancies and births, has far fewer interventions (including cesarean section), and a significantly higher rate of client satisfaction
  • Home birth means you are in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your home
  • You can wear whatever you want, eat & drink what you like, and labor and birth in the positions & locations you feel are right for you
  • Home birth means you and your baby will be skin-to-skin immediately after the birth and throughout the postpartum, which facilitates bonding and ease of breastfeeding
  • Clients of Nourish Midwifery benefit from having the same primary care provider for the entirety of their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
  • Midwives are fully trainedĀ inĀ both home-management of emergencies as well as early recognition of the conditions and complications that occasionally arise and require medical assistance
  • You choose who will be with you during your labor, birth and immediate postpartum
  • Home birth supports your body’s natural rhythms to reveal themselves, uninterrupted

What is your deepest desire for your birth?