From the moment we set the intention to have a child, a special period of life begins for everyone involved. I believe that every growing family is unique and deserves access to individualized and responsible midwifery care during this powerful time. When our bodies are respected and our babies are birthed gently, we create the opportunity for a satisfying, empowering birth experience, as well as a foundation for our children to reach their highest potential. With attention to emotional and physical wellness, and commitment to collaboration and informed choice, I hope to provide truly holistic midwifery care that meets your needs as individuals and families.  It is my honor to be a loving witness and a guardian of safety throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, these truly profound transformations of self, spirit, and family.


Michelle Borok has been my midwife for my second child.  I feel grateful and blessed at having had the opportunity to receive such loving, compassionate care.  My prenatal appointments with Michelle were very thorough and thoughtful.  Michelle always addressed my physical concerns as well as my emotional and spiritual needs.  Michelle is a very holistic midwife: not only did she give me comprehensive physical care during my pregnancy, we took walks together, shared meals, meditated and laughed together.  She truly fulfills the meaning of the word “midwife”: with woman.  During the birth and the postpartum, Michelle made sure that my baby and I were safe and healthy; she kept a watchful eye on us without being intrusive.  Michelle has an extensive knowledge of contemporary midwifery, traditional midwifery practices, eastern medicine and a strong intuitive sense.  Michelle is an excellent midwife and I have been thrilled with the care I received from her.  I would recommend her to any expecting mother.

-Annemarie Russo, mother of Massimo Sol & Paloma Luna